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Lulwanda Children's Home

Hello all! My name is Leah Kim, and I went to Mbale, Uganda in June 2017 to work at the Lulwanda Children's Home. It is run by Grace International Children's Foundation with the help of the Kelley and Palmer family. My family and I were welcomed by the Kelley family, and they showed us around the city. Ryan Kelley is an advanced Emergency Medical Technician, and he runs the medical clinic at the orphanage.My brother and my dad helped administer Malaria tests and vaccinations to the children and to families within the community. 

While we were there, we observed Dr. Kathy Burgoine who is the founder of Born On the Edge. She has had a huge impact on her community. Since she has set up the neonatal ward, the mortality rate has decreased from 50% to 15%. We are trying to raise money in order to purchase 20 bassinets for the ward. The Bean Project is a way to reach out to the community in order to raise money. Our first set of donations went toward the purchase of typhoid vaccines for all the children in the home. We also were able to buy medical supplies for the clinic (they need large bandaids, triple antibiotic ointment, and other first aid supplies).

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless. 

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